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Our meeting generally takes place at Sutter's Mill Restaurant located at 3885 Cochran St. Ste A, Simi Valley. We meet the 4th Wednesday of most months for lunch. See the calendar below for exact dates. December is dark due to the holidays.

2018 Meeting Dates

January 24th at 11:30 July 25th at 11:30
February 28th at 11:30 August 22nd at 11:30
March 28th at 11:30 September 26th at 11:30
April 25th at 11:30 October 24th at 6:00 – Birthday Bash.
May 23rd at 11:30 - this meeting is offsite November 14th at 11:30
June 27th at 11:30 -

* These meetings are held at locations other than Sutter's Mill. Please check the events page for more information.

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February meeting.....

Hello, I am Joy Woelfel and I am the owner and creator of Never Alone Self Defense and Awareness. I have been an active participant and leader in our community for decades. The breadth and depth of my experience is evident in my passions and vocational interests including: competing in running and athletics, coaching track for Simi High School and the Running Rebels, serving as a police officer for the Oxnard Police Department, opening my own catering company, teaching self-defense and awareness programs, and much much more.

While working for the Oxnard Police Department I not only gained tactical training in the protection of self and others, but I was able to further develop my skills in problem solving and independent thinking while being directly involved with my community and the lives of others. Not only did I receive top notch training through the department, but the on the job training from the streets of Oxnard was priceless. With Oxnard being the most heavily populated town in Ventura County, my work days were completely filled with interactions with all kinds of people for countless different reasons. It provided me with extensive experience in the art of reading people, learning situational awareness, understanding the mind of those who take advantage of and victimize others, and what their patterns of behavior are. I was able to work closely with the victims of crimes which was valuable because I was able to learn first hand what life decisions, positive or negative, contribute to the potential of being a victim.

Most people simply do not have the opportunity that law enforcement has to completely submerge themselves into the dark and twisted amoral lives of a criminal in their environment. Patrolling the streets of Oxnard instantly made me a student of the criminal element - body language, facial tics, slang, culture, fashion, local hangouts, what they look for in a victim, what they like and don't like, what intimidates them or scares them, what makes them mad, desperate, or happy, criminal patterns, why they do what they do, tools of the trade, times of the day that are popular for criminal activity, places likely for crime, and most importantly... what danger looks and feels like.

After my children were born I retired from the police department to raise them. I continued to use my training every day to keep myself and my family safe. I decided to form my own business to take the valuable training from over the years and share it with my community and beyond.

I run my business with integrity and passion. I personally teach every class so you will always be sure that you are getting quality instruction and personalized treatment. My goal is that everyone who takes my class will leave feeling like they are "Never Alone"!












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The Leadership program through the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce was set up to identify and develop effective Community Leaders. As a group of women comprised mainly of business leaders in the community, the Women's Information Network of Simi Valley feels strongly about this project, and is willing to help fund one woman per year to enroll in this program. The WINS member selected will have one half (50%) of her tuition paid for by WINS for the enrollment into the Leadership program.

To be considered as our nominee, you must be a WINS member in good standing for at least one year and be able to fulfill all of the qualifications required to enroll in the Leadership program. In addition, you must be prepared to attend the retreat in October, attend all the monthly classes throughout the year and the graduation in June.