President's Message

President’s Message March 2019

What a great meeting we had in February. It was the first of two networking meetings this year. We work on bringing you qualified and interesting Speakers. But then twice a year we take a break from the speakers and take the time to get to know our members. I hope everyone enjoyed the meeting and getting to know your fellow members on a more intimate level.

Whenever March comes around it make me smile I think of March as a Happy Month. We celebrate St Patrick day, the Holiday of Purim with laughter and being silly. Both Holidays are fun and joyous. How can March not make you smile when it comes around?

March is also Women’s History Month.

Women's History month is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect all women's achievements. Who do you admire from the past? I have a few I can think of from the past and from the present, I appreciate how much they accomplished and helped paved the way to help me where I am and other women are today.

Take a moment to recognize and celebrate women in your life that helped you with your achievements.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Have a very Happy and joyous March

Terri Doria


November 2015