President's Message

March 2020


The Coronavirus has changed our lives, leaving many of us feeling helpless, lonely or frustrated. We need a little patience and kindness; we need to feel connected and loved. One definition of kindness is the quality of being gentle, caring, helpful or considerate. But it’s hard to smile behind a mask; it takes extra effort to be patient and accept differences in others; I don’t like to forgive when someone is snippy with me. But something small can turn everything around: a kind word to a frazzled mother who is trying to homeschool, a little patience with a harried cashier or long lines, or a random act to help without being repaid can go a long way in creating peace during this difficult time. I find that I personally need to be kind to myself: forgiving my negative thoughts, realizing I don’t have to be in a hurry, accepting my less than perfect middle-aged body, liking who I am becoming and being a friend to me. Kindness is a choice, and we all need it especially now.

I love all the WINS ladies and the ways so many have stepped up to help. The kind words of encouragement and support on the zoom calls and the phone calls to check up on a friend have been life giving to me. So, I encourage you to look for kindness today and especially to be kind and patient with yourself.

Connie Schuh

President 2020