President's Message

November 2020

Last week someone asked me what is one thing that means a lot to me. I thought about our family photos, my great grandmother’s writing desk or one of my paintings. But I settled on something that is intangible and close to my heart. Before my mother died, she wrote a blessing and a charge for each of my children. It was her way of encouraging and loving them and it is special to me.

Now I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but it got me thinking what I want to share with you in my last President’s Message. I decided on four things I think we should all work for.

· Know who you are and what you uniquely offer
· Treat others with respect and value their uniqueness
· Strive for a goal that is worthy and gives life
· Find peace and pursue it

I have enjoyed serving as President of WINS this year and am confident that with Darci Richardson’s leadership, WINS will excel and grow this coming year. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and support for me…it has meant so much!!

See you next year,

Connie Schuh

President 2020