President's Message

President’s Message February 2020


February is here and we are surrounded by chocolates and pink hearts. So, I am thinking a lot about Love…who I love, what I love, do I love my job? And that last one is a pertinent question for us as businesswomen; “Do you love what you do?”

When I was in college, I felt extreme pressure to find my passion and choose a life profession, but I had no idea what that was. There were at least three perspectives I could have in deciding on a job:
1. I could view my job as a way to earn a living so I could pursue other interests.
2. I could live my job as a career that would help me achieve upward mobility (i.e. climb the ladder).
3. I could see my job as an opportunity to explore who I am and provide me with meaning and purpose.

Any of these perspectives can give value and one is not necessarily better than another. There are a variety of ways to be satisfied with your job, but I believe there is a consistent thread throughout all professions – we work with people. And for me, that is the real key that gives life and meaning to what I do…it’s loving people. So, enjoy the chocolates but take a few minutes to consider who you love, what you love and what you love about your job.

I really love being with you as part of our WINS group, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on February 26th.

Connie Schuh

President 2020

November 2015