President's Message

July 2020


It’s July and this is what 2020 has looked like to me:
January and February – business as usual
March and April – clients canceling but I’m enjoying the rest
May and June – no business, covid seems to be coming under control and prospects are improving
July – shut down again and I’m tired of waiting and wondering if I’ll survive.

So what have I learned from the last six months?
• That control of my circumstances is an illusion, but I can control my attitude
• That I am part of all humanity and we share common dreams and aspirations
• That I have a purpose in life and I am valuable
• That people and relationships are most important

Our world has changed and business as usual seems lost; I challenge each of us to take this time and reflect on who we are, what’s important in life and how we can be a positive influence in our business and with the people we meet every day.

Thank you for your encouragement, generosity and kindness; it makes me smile.

Connie Schuh

President 2020