Cathy Svitek

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At the heart of my  work and purpose is human resource development: aka I’m a single mom of three! In 2008 the boys and I came back home to Thousand Oaks, CA where we started again following my 18 years abroad as trailing spouse of a bank executive in Central Europe and South America. Having worked abroad as a teacher of English as a foreign language, I found myself wearing several new hats including securer of the family’s financial future starting as a student, then a client and investor, and finally, as a financial professional.
Today as a Financial Consultant with World Financial Group and Trans America Financial Advisors, I have segued into the business world with what I was in essence already doing for many years. As recruiter and  trainer of new agents, and financial strategist, I focus on providing my team and clients the tools and solutions they need to secure their financial success.